After School Program

Exciting After-School Adventures Await!

Dive into a world of fun and learning! Join us for late buses and thrilling after-school activities available every Monday through Thursday, from 2:25 PM to 4:30 PM. 

Looking for Friday fun? Our extended day activities beckon! However, please note that these Friday activities require parent pick-up and must be arranged with a teacher in advance for your child to participate.

Our after-school program, while packed with excitement, falls under §22.1-289.030 of the Code of Virginia, exempt from licensure, and operates independently from the Virginia Department of Education.

Ready to embark on this adventure? Students eager to dive into our clubs and activities must complete this registration form  before joining the excitement!

After-School Announcements:  

Click here to access the VIP application.  This link will go live on Tuesday, March 12, at 6 PM. 

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