Extended Day Program Overview

In 2007, Carl Sandburg Middle School launched its Extended Day program with great pride! The program is designed specifically to meet the needs of students who wish to extend their involvement in extra-curricular activities and for families who want their children to remain in a supervised environment after school until parent pick up. Extended Day is not a child care service, but a free enrichment based program that offers students daily academic assistance, peer-to-peer interaction, as well as enrichment and recreational activities.

Does my child need to register to participate in Extended Day?

  • Yes, parents must sign and return an After-School Registration Form to the main office before a student may participate in the Extended Day Program.

Where can I get an After School Program registration form?

What are the program hours of operation?

  •  Fridays 2:15 p.m - 4:45 p.m. (Arranged with teacher) 

Is my child required to stay Friday?

  • No, as long as your child is a registered participant, her/she can participate in Extended Day as needed.
  • Extended Day is for academic purposes ONLY.  Parents must have prearranged academic support with their child's teacher prior to your child participating.

Does the Extended Day program keep attendance records?

Yes, as students arrive for Extended Day, they must sign in. Attendance records are kept on file all year.

Will my child receive a snack in Extended Day?

  • Yes, all students receive snacks during Extended Day.

If I have any questions regarding the Extended Day program, who should I contact?

* Note: All students must be picked up by a parent/guardian no later than 4:45 p.m.