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Learn about being a Panther in Pursuit of Excellence!

Panthers are in Pursuit! 

Sandburg Middle School enjoys and celebrates the diversity of its student population and community. It is a vibrant place. Working together, staff members have forged an instructional program that stimulates the development of a wide range of abilities and interests and promotes excellence in all facets of the school's educational program.

Staff members are committed to ensuring that each student acquire the skills and knowledge they need to become well-adjusted, responsible and contributing adults as they achieve their full potential. At the same time the staff recognizes and honors achievements in academics, citizenship, and athletics.

Each student's day is structured around a core academic house format. The many electives offered provide opportunities for academic and career exploration and ensure that we are providing students with a constructive and practical learning experience that will contribute to their future success. Supplementary activities are offered after school to help students develop physically, mentally, and socially. Individual needs are accommodated through special education services, the gifted and talented center- and school-based programs, and the English for speakers of other languages program.

Sandburg Middle School's success is the result of the successful interaction of school, home, and community. By emphasizing academic excellence, critical and creative thinking, responsible behavior, and acceptance of individual differences, staff members are jointly meeting the students' needs.

What does it mean to be a Panther in Pursuit of Excellence?

As a Panther, I will:

  • Use positive, kind, and school appropriate language.
  • Take accountability for my actions and impact on others. 

  • Contribute to a safe, caring, and inclusive school community.

Our School Vision

  • We promote high quality teaching and learning, while providing ALL students with the multi-tiered support they need to reach their full potential and realize their dreams.

Our School Mission 

  • Create a dynamic and collaborative middle school model experience that is responsive to the needs of all learners and supports them as they thrive intellectually & social-emotionally.

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