Club Descriptions

Sandburg After Two:Fifteen

Basketball: Mr. LaBue

Meeting Day: Wednesday (Both Sessions)

Description: If you want to learn how to play the game of basketball or just play some pick-up games, come on out!

BE Club: Ms. Watson

Meeting Day: Thursday (Both Sessions)

Description: The BE Club is a group of males and females that commit to Be the Best that they can BE. that commit to participating in community Service Projects (i.e.; collecting blankets and winter attire for the homeless, respect, workshops, and social skills).                                  

Chess Club: Mr. Schmeelcke

Meeting Day: Tuesday (A Session)

Description: Expert or just want to learn, come out to Chess club and improve your skills while competing against other Sandburg students.

Crafty Cooks: Ms. Ummen & Ms. Donlon

Meeting Days: Wednesday (Both Sessions)

Description: Crafty Cooks is an after school cooking and crafting club which educates students about nutrition and healthy food preparation skills. Students participate in afterschool cooking classes on how to prepare healthy snacks and meals.

Creative Writing: Mr. Keller

Meeting Days: Wednesday (Both Sessions)

Description: Students will discuss, collaborate, and produce creative writing. We will explore writing and help each other grow as writers and students.

Crochet Club: Ms. Gibson

Meeting Days: Tuesday (Both Sessions)

Description: To Knit, or knot to knit after school? That is the question (technically we crochet which is a little different)! Learn the basics of crocheting.

Debate Club: Mr. Schmeelcke

Meeting Day: Thursday (A Session Only)

Description: Do you like to argue? Then Debate is for you. We'll work to get better and compete against each other and maybe even Mr. Schmeelcke.

Drama: Ms. Tunstall

Meeting Day: Tuesday & Thursday (Both Sessions)

Description: Come join Drama Club to learn about the world of theatre. This club is for all students, you don't have to be taking a drama class to join. The Drama Club is responsible for the after school productions at Sandburg Middle School and when we are not working on the productions we meet to learn improv games and other fun theatre related activities.

FCCLA: Ms. Ummen

Meetings day: Tuesday (A Session)

Description: Consumer Science Students and those interested more in learning about FACS. This club is a great way for students to learn leadership and citizenship skills, demonstrate what they are learning in FACS classes and fun at the same time working on various after school projects.

Gaming: Mr. Tyborowski

Meeting Day: Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday (Both Sessions)

Description: There’s nothing like sitting with your friends, chatting about the day and enjoying an engaging board or video game.  If this is the way you feel, then you’ve found the right club!  We have an array of games ready to be played.  Come out and bring your friends.  Join us for an afternoon of just talking with your friends and enjoy playing your favorite game.

Gardening Club: Mr. Dewar & Ms. Holmes

Meeting Day: Tuesday (A Session)

Description: The gardening club will maintain the new gardens in the courtyards. We will remove some weeds, plant some new plants, spread some mulch, and learn how these plants in our gardens will attract butterflies. We will provide some gloves.

Homework Club: Mr. Loyde & Ms. Leath

Meeting Day: (Both Sessions)

Description: The Homework Club is intended to support students who may need assistance in homework completion or who may need assistance to catch up on missed work after being absent. The goal of the Homework Club is to provide students with a safe place to receive academic assistance and foster positive relationships in a safe and supportive environment which allows them to gain other essential lifelong skills.

Library Media Center: Ms. Price

Meeting Day: Tuesday, Thursday (A Session Only)

Description: A place for students to complete assignments using computers and books; and a quiet place for students wanting to read.

Math Club: Mrs. Mead

Meeting Day: Wednesday (A Session Only)

Description: This club is designed to increase enthusiasm for and enhance the achievement in middle school math. Students meet to play math games, riddles, practice for a Math National competition, and have fun doing math!

National Junior Honor Society: Mrs. Clemons & Ms. Krotzer

Meeting Day: 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month (Both Sessions)

Description: NJHS is a group for students that went through the application process last school year. This is a nationally recognized program that is based on core values of leadership, scholarship, service, character, and citizenship. Applications for this school year will begin mid-2nd quarter.

Pawsitivity Helpful Squad: Ms. Omniewski

Meeting Day: Thursday (A Session Only)

Description: We are a support group for our spectacular teachers! Throughout the day teachers have so much on their plates they just can’t complete every task. The Helping Hands Club helps teachers by organizing their desks and books, hanging posters and bulletin boards, filing papers and many other small tasks that teachers never have the opportunity to complete.

PRIDE: Mr. Schmeelcke

Meeting Day: Wednesday (A Session Only)

Description: The club will provide a safe environment for students to build community, self-confidence, and resiliency while further developing social/emotional wellness. This will be a support group for students that identify as LGBTQ and/or students that wish to be a part of this community of support.

Running Club: Ms. Watkins

Meeting Day: Wednesday (A Session Only)

Description: In Running Club we work on building our endurance running around the track and neighborhood. We also work to improve our overall fitness. Com join us!

Student Council Association: Ms. Winston & Ms. Clark

Meeting Day: Wednesday (A Session Only)

Description: Students will develop leadership skills to advocate for themselves and their peers. They will present issues they feel are relevant to school administration. They will help to develop polices and hear grievances to help ensure the successful operation of the school.

Soccer: Ms. Bush

Meeting Day: Thursday (Both Sessions)

Description: If you’re interested in showing off your soccer skills or simply want to come out and play a friendly game of “pick-up” soccer, then come on out and join us!

Spoken Word Poetry Club: Mr. Hicklin

Meeting Day: Tuesday (Both Sessions)

Description: Spoken-word poetry allows artists involved to find comfort through expressing themselves in their community. Each week we will be tackling various issues and reflecting on poems and performances. The students will be encouraged to drive the topics, with guidance and support from the facilitator.

Volleyball: Coach Clark

Meeting Day: Tuesday (Both Sessions)

Descriptions: The plan is to teach the basics and advanced skills, based on the abilities of the kids. After skills sessions we will play games, put the skills to practice, including the sponsors.

Weight Training: Mr. Loyde

Meeting Day: Tuesday & Wednesday (Both Sessions)

Description: Students are encouraged to come to the weight room to improve or maintain their muscular endurance, cardio and flexibility. Students will get a chance to explore the different levels of training using free weights and universal machines.

Young Scholars: Ms. Price, Ms. DeLeon, & Ms. Grillo

Meeting Day: Tuesday (A Session)

Description: The Young Scholars After School Program is a great opportunity for students to engage in challenging and fun curriculum in science; technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM) related concepts. The goal of the Young Scholars After School Program is to foster the development of higher-level thinking skills and to nurture your talents and abilities. The sessions will focus on an area of investigation that incorporates several academic subjects. The Young Scholars After School Program will meet once a month on Tuesday afternoons. Participation is limited to thirty students per session, so please be sure to sign up ASAP on the after-school program form which can be found in the Young Scholar’s Schoology Group.