Sandburg Middle School Shines in WTOP and Washington Post Spotlight

By Brianna Lucas
October 11, 2023

Principal Eric Underhill and several talented students shared their insights and experiences, paving the way for Sandburg to become a symbol of excellence in the Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) Middle School Sports program.

Sandburg Middle School's dedication to fostering young athletes and promoting the values of teamwork, sportsmanship, and commitment is at the forefront of their success. This commitment did not go unnoticed by WTOP and The Washington Post, who sought to capture the essence of this outstanding institution.

Principal Eric Underhill, a dedicated educator and sports enthusiast, was thrilled to be part of this unique opportunity to showcase the remarkable sports programs at Sandburg Middle School. "Our students are not only excelling academically but are also proving themselves as exceptional athletes," said Principal Underhill. "Our school's athletic programs play a significant role in shaping the character of our students."

The WTOP and The Washington Post interviews provided a platform for Sandburg Middle School students to share their unique experiences and perspectives on their involvement in the FCPS Middle School Sports program. These students highlighted the importance of teamwork, discipline, and the invaluable life lessons they've gained through sports.

These young athletes serve as role models for their peers and are a testament to the outstanding coaching and guidance provided by Sandburg Middle School staff members Athletics Coordinator - Ty Augustin and Cross Country Coach - Matthew Moore. Their achievements of this program are reflected by the dedication of both the students and their coaches, who tirelessly work to cultivate talent and sportsmanship.

For a deeper dive into the inspiring journey of Sandburg Middle School and its impressive sports program, you can check out our Student Life Middle School Athletics page or read the full articles on WTOP and The Washington Post's websites. Discover the passion, dedication, and triumphs that make Sandburg Middle School an exemplary institution within the FCPS Middle School Sports program:

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Sandburg Middle School's spotlight in WTOP and The Washington Post stands as a testament to the dedication and excellence of its students, teachers, and administrators. The school's continued success in the FCPS Middle School Sports program is a source of pride for the entire community, and it serves as a reminder of the enduring values instilled through sportsmanship and teamwork. Congratulations to Sandburg Middle School for its outstanding contributions to the world of middle school sports!