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Sandburg Health Room Medication Information

Medications can be dropped off to the Sandburg Health Room beginning August 17th between 7:15 am and 2:00 pm, please visit for medication forms.

Important Update with Inhaler Forms

July 2022

Subject:   VA Asthma Action Plan

Dear parent/guardian,

Please note changes to the Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) asthma care plan process beginning this school year 2022-23.  As part of the asthma care plan for your student we will use the Virginia Asthma Action Plan template developed by the Virginia Asthma Coalition and adopted by the Virginia Department of Education to guide the care your student receives and serve as the health care provider orders.  For your convenience,  a copy of the Virginia Asthma Action Plan and including a link if you wish to download a PDF version of the Virginia Asthma Action Plan.  The Virginia Asthma Action Plan is an important tool to communicate and coordinate asthma management between the health care provider, parent/guardian, and school.

If your student has a rescue asthma medication prescribed, please have this form completed by your student’s health care provider and bring in your student’s own rescue medication to the school health room.  The health care provider must be licensed to prescribe medication in the U.S.  Additionally,

  • The prescriber must complete the yellow and red zone (Peak Flow is optional).
  • If asthma medication is to be given prior to exercise, this must be checked off in the appropriate box above the Yellow Zone on the form.
  • If the prescriber approves your student to carry and administer the medication, the appropriate box above where the prescriber signs must be checked.
  • Parent/guardian must also sign this document.

Once your health care provider has completed the Virginia Asthma Action Plan, you will need to complete the FCPS Authorization for VA Asthma Action Plan (SS/SE-65) on the school website authorizing the principal designee/SHA/PHN/school staff to administer the asthma medication to your student. 

Thank you for your collaboration in keeping your student safe and healthy!